All-in-one POS Units

Replace your old traditional cash registers and residential fantasists systems with PlanetPOS all-in-one commercial level point-of-sale hardware. The computer is built into the touch screen so you don't need to purchase an additional tower. PlanetPOS secure POS systems will protect your data,  help uphold your business's reputation and maintain a peace of mind. Complement PlanetPOS hardware with Aldelo or XERA POS for a seamless operation. 


SIGMA POS | 15" Truflat aio touchscreen pos

Sigma POS terminal is built with Truflat capacitive touch screen technology and offers a performance level to meet the demands of every POS application. Sigma POS is industrial grade, stable and built to withstand your busy restaurant environment. Ignite POS terminal features an ultra-rigid die-cast aluminum alloy frame, providing you a smooth and bump-free touch operation. Sigma POS is known for its sleek design, high performance and competitive price.

ZEn pos | 15" Truflat AIO Touchscreen POS

Zen POS is designed to deliver performance and value. Built with 5-Wire Resistive touch, Zen you a high precision touch screen. Zen POS boasts a 15" LED LCD with bezel-less resistive touch and a rackable motherboard design. Zen is sturdy and durable, making it perfect for harsh environments. 


POSX (2).jpg

Planet-x | 15" Truflat aio touchscreen pos

Planet-X is an all-in-one touchscreen terminal, both powerful and durable to handle demanding applications. Planet-X is powered by Intel's most robust processors and features enterprise-class build quality. Designed with ultra-rigid die-cast aluminum alloy frame, Planet-X provides you with a smooth bump-free touch operation.